2010 Wedding Ring Trends

Wedding is the event that binds two hearts, body and souls together for a lifetime. The wedding is sealed and stamped with exchange of rings by bride and the groom.

Wedding rings are not ordinary rings. It should reflect your individuality and style. Traditionally, the bride and the groom wore rings of the same design. Stylish bands in different metals, colors and designs now replace this trend.

So, what are the hot wedding trends for 2010?

Diamond Rings: Diamonds are women’s best friends. Diamonds will remain trendy eternally. Some of the most popular trend in diamond rings is 14k Two Tone Diamond Wedding Band. These rings come in white and gold colors.

14k White Gold Diamond Wedding Bands: White gold and diamond is a superb combination, again which will always remain trendy. Based on your budget, you can either have diamonds fixed all over the ring, or you may have just 2 or 3 diamonds. The cost of the ring will depend on the weight and clarity of the diamond. You can expect to spend over $500 and more for a beautiful diamond ring.

Gold Wedding Rings are just as popular and will continue to be so in 2010. Buying rings in gold is an investment, as the value of gold will always increase. Some of the hot trends in 2010 in gold ring would be 14K Gold Tri-Color wedding bands in comfort fit, 14k Gold Designer Wedding Bands and 14k Gold Celtic Comfort Fit Wedding Bands.

Celtic wedding bands are currently hot favorite amongst young brides and groom. These rings are handcrafted and are considered as piece of art.

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands: There is an upcoming trend of using high tech metals in wedding rings. This trend partly rose due to very high prices of gold and diamond rings and partly due to the stylish cut and design available in these rings. As against the price of $1000 and more for a diamond wedding ring, tungsten carbide ring is available for around $100.

Hence for people, who want to cut cost, yet remain trendy, opt for tungsten carbide rings,
Rings made in tungsten carbide & zirconiums are also considered hot as these come in superb finish.

Titanium Wedding Rings: Titanium is a lightweight metal and is one of the upcoming trends in designer jewelry. Additionally, these rings come in economy range. For people not wanting to splurge heavily on wedding bands, titanium rings offer the best solution.

Titanium ring with diamonds would be one of the most popular trends in 2010. Titanium rings come in white color; hence they give the effect of platinum. These are available in the price range of $50 to $150, depending upon the design and pattern you choose.

In addition to these, gemstones and artistically designed wedding rings will rule the wedding ring trends in 2010.

One of the most important things to remember while buying wedding rings is that you should buy them from a reliable jeweler. Compare the prices, before you make a final decision.


Tea Length Wedding Dresses

Have you been thinking about tea length wedding dresses? Many soon to be brides are these days. They’re becoming very popular for traditional and non-traditional wedding settings and are being seen at the most fashionable wedding venues. What exactly are tea length wedding dresses? They are usually (but not always) much less formal, below the knee dresses. They can be lace, silk, tulle, organza, cotton or taffeta and are found in all price ranges. One of the major advantages to wearing a tea length dress is the cost. Most designers now have them available, but they are usually cheaper than a full length wedding gown. You also have the option to think outside the box on where you purchase your gown. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You can find these wonderful dresses at destination weddings mountain weddings beach weddings second weddings garden weddings afternoon weddings and of course, on the bride who just looks fabulous in a tea length dress! There are many beautiful ways to go. You can still have a traditional flowing, white or ivory dress and there are many different designs available, from strapless to long-sleeve. The choices in designs has become plentiful. You won’t have a difficult time finding the right color, length, and embellishments. A tea length dress will also give you the perfect opportunity to show off those incredible shoes that took so long to pick out. Also, be sure to consider a shawl to keep off the sea breeze or evening air. Many brides are choosing to add some of the same great embellishments that are being seen on full length wedding dresses. –Color: Choose a completely colored dress, red, pink, blue and purple are all popular, or pick a wonderful embellishment like a contrasting sash or piping, or colored sequins. There are many different ways to add a little (or a lot) of color to your gown. –Print: Finding a wedding dress in print is much easier today. Destination weddings have been on the rise and many of the incredible locations are tropical. It isn’t uncommon to find a floral dress. A tea length, hand painted silk sarong is also a beautiful and unique choice. If color isn’t what you had in mind, you can find beautiful prints that are the same color as the dress. –Embroidery: Also a popular way to add color, embroidery can be very delicate and be just the perfect touch. You can go with a traditional gold or silver thread or liven it up with a pale or vibrant color. So, you choose whether you would like a free flowing beach wedding dress or a structured 50’s dress. Pick the style that is perfect for you and you will be on your way to enjoying your incredible wedding. Tea length wedding dresses are definitely the fashionable way to go!

Hawaiian Wedding Rings

During the colonial times in America, certain items of jewelry were not allowed due to their moral worthlessness. Instead, a thimble was given to women as a token of love and a sign of marriage. In the present scenario, men and women have become more independent and liberal and can choose their wedding partners at their own discretion. Presenting a wedding ring to the partner is a way of expressing love and devotion towards each other.

Wedding rings represent symbols such as love, eternity, commitment, honor, trust, and loyalty. Numerous varieties of rings are available for couples to choose from, out of which the Hawaiian wedding rings have come to be fairly popular. These rings have come in vogue due to their unique make and their ability to present an entirely different style statement. These rings are gaining recognition around the world as more and more couples are finding it a unique experience.

Hawaiian wedding rings are atypical as they are made out of different seashells. They come in various colors and shapes unlike the traditional rings, which usually are circular. These Hawaiian rings blend in with the Hawaiian atmosphere and give a distinct feel to the individuals. Since Hawaii has been associated with flowery clothing, breezy beaches, and cool coconut drinks, the seashell rings enhance the already cheerful ambience.

Although, Hawaiian rings are made from seashells, their popularity has made the ring designers couple them with other metals. This gives the customers the trendy and funky looks of the seashells and the sturdy and durability of metals. Some couples would prefer Hawaiian swirl ring, which are slightly curvy and wavy. They are made out of gold or even a mixture of two or more alloys. The most popular Hawaiian rings have engraved initials over them.

There are sites, which provide detailed information of the various types of Hawaiian wedding rings.

Wedding Rings provides detailed information on Wedding Rings, Titanium Wedding Rings, Platinum Wedding Rings, Celtic Wedding Rings and more. Wedding Rings is affiliated with Diamond Wedding Bands.

A Hawaii Luau Reception – Anywhere!

The Hawaiian word LUAU (pronounce loo-ow) means- a feast. For the people who live in the Hawaiian Islands a luau is a gathering of family and friends to enjoy good food, good company, and good times! Because the atmosphere at a luau is Hang Loose and less stuffy than a traditional formal wedding reception guests and the wedding couple tend to be more relaxed right from the start, which allows everyone to enjoy themselves and the reception more fully. With creative decorating any backyard or banquet hall can be turned into a virtual Hawaii destination!

Encourage guests to wear aloha attire to get in the Aloha spirit and contribute to the Hawaiian atmosphere. The most cost effective way to add touches of Hawaii is to decorate with fresh loose orchid blooms. It is amazing what a change in atmosphere adding a few fresh orchids here and there can do! They can be used to add tropical touches to your wedding cake, food plates, bar drinks, table tops, grassy areas, and float in water features. You can encourage guests to pick up a loose orchid and put it in their button hole or behind their ear. In Hawaii wearing a flower behind an ear has a specific meaning…behind the left ear means taken, behind the right ear means available.

How much Hawaiiana you want to add is up you your personal preference and budget. Some additional creative ways to add touches of Hawaii to your wedding reception are:

Have children dressed in hula outfits to greet guests with silk or shell leis.

Have a live Hawaiian band with hula dancers perform.

Have a professional hula dancer give a basic hula lesson.

Encourage guests to get up and dance by award the first 6 people on the dance floor a fresh lei.

Have a Hawaiian photo scene set up for guests to take a keepsake photo then sign your guest book.

Have stations with Hawaiian theme games for guests to enjoy to get them to mingle and have fun.

Translate your guests names into Hawaiian and put it on their place cards.
Have cards on each table with Hawaiian words and their English meanings or fun Hawaii related facts to entertain your guests and teach them a little about Hawaii.

Use whole fresh pineapples and loose orchids to create table centerpieces.
If your budget is tight don’t be afraid to improvise like play Hawaiian music CDs instead of having a live band. Or get a Learn to Hula DVD and have one of your wedding party learn to do a hula dance that she can do at the reception as well as teach the

Oahu, Hawaii Wedding Venues – Palaces and Private Estates

Which little girl hasn’t dreamed of marrying her prince in a palace? ‘Iolani Palace and Queen Emma Summer Palace are two options for a royal wedding.

‘Iolani Palace
‘Iolani Palace, the only royal palace in the United States, is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Couples can rent certain areas of the beautiful grounds for their wedding. Since the palace is considered a sacred place and a historical gem, there are restrictions and policies that need to be followed. Couples need to apply for a permit from the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources; this process can take up to two weeks. Wedding ceremonies are held on the Palace gardens, followed by a reception in the private open-air courtyard of the historic ‘Iolani Palace Barracks. The Barracks’ “coral block structure of limestone with its crenelated parapets and towers hearkens to the architecture of medieval castles of Europe,” states the Palace website. The `Iolani Palace Galleries may be open for tours during your event so guests can view the Hawaiian crown jewels and ancient Hawaiian regalia, as well as portraits and historic photographs. Facility rental fees support Friends of the ‘Iolani Palace, an organization that helps to restore and preserve this historic treasure.

Queen Emma Summer Palace
The summer home of Queen Emma located in lush Nu’uanu Valley is a beautiful historic home and museum. There are two sites to hold weddings at Queen Emma Summer Palace: Emmalani Hale, an indoor space for a reception, and the Prince Albert Terrace, an outdoor area. Facility rental fees are presently very reasonable and based on the number of guests. The facility rental fee includes entrance to the museum for wedding guests.

Private Estates
Below are some of the more popular private estates on Oahu that are available for weddings. These sites are breathtaking, but so is the price tag on some of them. If location is an important factor, these venues will not disappoint. Additionally, these private estates offer brides the flexibility to work with wedding vendors of their choice.

Lanikuhonua, Ko ‘olina
Lanikuhonua translates to “Where heaven meets earth” in the Hawaiian language. It is a beautifully landscaped private beachfront property that belongs to the estate of James Campbell. Lanikuhonua offers two sites for weddings. It is one of the few wedding venues that boasts a near private beach since public access to the beach is very difficult. Lanikuhonua is located next to another popular wedding venue, Paradise Cove.

Dillingham Ranch, Mokuleia (North Shore)
Dillingham Ranch is a private estate that takes you back to an era of Old Hawaii. The estate, located at the base of the Waianae Mountains, boasts an equestrian center. The plantation-style home has been used in several movies such as “50 First Dates” and “Tears of the Sun.” The home is presently under renovation but is scheduled to be open for weddings in late 2009 or early 2010. Only the facility is available for rental – all tables, chairs and food have to be brought in by outside vendors.

The Paul Mitchell Estate, Lanikai – Kailua (Windward Coast)
Offering one of the best ocean views in the world, this tropical oasis is a collection of unique bungalows that blend South Pacific and Indonesian style. This high-end vacation rental is located in the exclusive residential community of Lanikai, Kailua, and includes seven bedrooms, six baths and a beautiful oceanfront garden for a wedding ceremony.

Other popular oceanfront estates that do a thriving wedding business include the Bayer Estate in Hawaii Kai, and two North Shore estates: the Loulu Palms Estate and the brand new Fanger Estate. In addition to these, there are several other beautiful oceanfront vacation rentals which are available for weddings – many of them on the Windward and Waianae Coast.

Private homes
Many Oahu weddings are held at beautiful private homes. If you’re lucky enough to have a friend who owns a home that would be ideal for a wedding venue, you’ve hit the jackpot. You’ll be able to save a bundle on facility rental fees and splurge on your dream wedding gown or your favorite photographer. A third of the weddings that I photograph are held at private oceanfront homes in Kailua, Kahala and the North Shore. Weddings at private homes can range from intimate backyard barbecues to grand affairs with a band, dance floor and custom lighting.

Exotic Hawaii Wedding

A Hawaii wedding is always a special treat for the couples and while you are planning for the wedding think of some really nice spots where you can plan your wedding. The most favorite spots for the wedding are the weddings at the beach or during the evening when the sun is setting creating a romantic ambiance for the couples. In time sit down and plan out that what you are going to do on that big occasion.

After sitting for some time in a serene atmosphere, think of what you see – do you see yourself in front of the waterfall or in the company of verdant plants and flowers? When you are sure what you wish to do exactly, then consider the locations and choose the best out of these.

If you want some drama in your wedding then there is no better place then Volcano National Park which has all the crazy things which you have ever dreamy of. It has everything from the black cooled lava flows to lava tubes and the park is filled with lively sightseeing. There are some things which you can add to the basket of the adventure.

For those of you who are seeking for a calm and peaceful environment, think about Iao valley State Park. This park is covered with beautiful jungle and water also runs down through the valley. It has a luxuriant plants and is blessed with the company of birds. So, this place is an ideal way where you can plan your big day.

An ideal way to do the wedding is by doing it in the Hawaiian style. Here the bride will arrive by canoe and the groom escorts her and takes her to a flower valley.

Wedding Cakes

Well, I saw these delightful cakes at Multiply.  These were created by Creole Cakes based in Cebu, Philippines. While she has some traditional cakes, I would have to say her fondant cakes are among the most adorable cakes I’ve ever seen.  You can Creole Cakes’ Multiply account here.

wedding cake

a rather refreshing cake topper.


I really adore how the fondant icing folds as if its a cloth.


Autumn love anyone?