Layers Of Perfection

Need I say more? Just check out their website at Layer Cake Shop.


Hawaii Wedding Shop

A true epitome of a bride’s one stop shop. From wedding attires to do-it-yourself centerpieces, Hawaii Wedding Shop has it all.


They have a large selection of elegant Hawaiian wedding dresses and holokus, beach wedding dresses, and matching Hawaiian wedding shirts for a very unique and special wedding day. They also manufacture the vast majority of the wedding dresses themselves, right here in Hawaii, so the designs are always fresh, innovative and contemporary while incorporating that romantic Hawaiiana.

One very satisfied client recommends Hawaii Wedding Shop at Project Wedding.

I love this vendor because it offers a fine assortment of sophisticated, yet inexpensive, bridesmaid’s dresses. We had a great time, and ended up getting her a nice white gown. Although the shop has a unique Hawaiian theme in all its gowns that I did not expect to find, I appreciated this serene characteristic in the end. I really think that many customers would also like its offerings of easygoing, stylish shirts and dresses for other occasions. Their offerings of candles and decorations were added niceties of shopping there. – BestRvwrEver from Project Wedding

Visit Hawaii Wedding Shop’s website at

Maui Wedding Bouquets

A bride’s bouquet speaks about the bride’s personality – offbeat, traditional or a sweet blend of both. I have here some of my favorite flower vendors in Maui,  Hawaii.

Country Bouquets Maui

One of the finest floral wholesalers in Hawaii.  Take note that you must have a coordinator or have your wedding at one of the major resorts in order to work with them, as they are a wholesaler. No sales to the general public.

Country Bouquets Maui

Country Bouquets Maui

Visit Country Bouquets Maui’s Website


Della Peacock, originally from San Francisco (of Ballet fame), has lived in Hawai’i for 20 years. Originally on Kauai, then Oahu, she finally settled on the beautiful island of Maui. Here, she has worked well over 200 weddings in the past 5 years, providing her unique insight and floral brilliance to the accolades of all.



Kalama Bride Bouquet

This hot little number mixes stargazer lilies, red anthurium, red and orange mocara orchids, uluhe fern, orange tropix and variegated ti leaves with a banana bark wrap and raffia tie details.

Visit Dellables.

Reception Spotlight: Seawatch Restaurant

Seawatch RestaurantThe Seawatch Restaurant, with its expansive grounds overlooking the Wailea Resort coastline on Maui, offers up everything under the sun – a rainbow of options for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The Main Dining Room

This is good if you want to exclusively occupy the restaurant for wedding receptions, award ceremonies and corporate events.

The Grille Room

This room features colorful murals by the acclaimed artist, Arthur Johnson. The room also has a large screen TV, air conditioning, and comfortable lounge-style seating.  This room is great for small gatherings such as sports viewing, private parties, and an intimate breakfast shindig.

The Upper and Lower Pond

Semi-private parties are enhanced with the view of  lushly landscaped water feature and a partial view of the ocean. The sound of cascading waterfalls nearby takes the ambiance a step further thus complementing luncheons, showers, birthday parties and cocktails.

The Lower Lawn

This grassy area, bordered by a low, hedge-lined fence for privacy, has a seating capacity of up to 80 people, making it the perfect setting for a wedding reception, cocktail party, or dinner bash.

The Upper and Lower Wedding Knoll

Located on the opposite side of the bougainvillea hedge, just below the Upper Wedding Knoll. It offers full ocean views, with the islands of Molokini and Kahoolawe in the background. The lower knoll is perfect for ceremonies of 30 or more guests, and is the most wanted location.

The Malokini

Located at the top of the Wailea golf courses above the Seawatch Restaurant, this is the perfect location for Maui weddings and cocktail receptions, as the grounds of this immense, flat, grassy area were designed specifically with wedding celebrations in mind.

Get to know more about Seawatch by visiting their website.  Read the reviews Seawatch Restaurant here.

Picking Reception Site Checklist

Wedding Reception Checklist

___ Is your wedding date available? Reserve the Site
___ Sign an agreement and leave a deposit.
___ Decide on theme, style and colors.
___ Is the church and ceremony site close together?
___ How many guests are you going to invite?
___ How many guests will the space accommodate?
___ Do you have plans for families with children?
___ Are there adequate restrooms for guests?
___ Are facilities available for handicapped guests?
___ Is there a room to change?
___ Are there coat check accommodations?
___ How about a secure place to put purses or other valuables?
___ Will there be a table be available for gifts?
___ What type and number of security personnel?
___ What other facilities/accommodations special features?
___ Does the site have a time limit or curfew?
___ If you want a tent, is there one available that the site regularly uses?
___ If not, how far in advance can you set one up and are there.
___ Are there restrictions on who can do the set-up?
___ What kind of parking facilities are there?
___ What about valet parking?
___ What other options are available?
___ Will the catering manager/executive chef help plan the menu?
___ Will the caterer help you organize the event?
___ Will a banquet manager be at the event?
___ Who organizes the events during the reception.
___ Can someone help with the decorations in the room?
___ What kind of help does the facility offer?
___ Are kitchen facilities adequate for an off-site caterer?
___ Will the caterer have to bring a portable kitchen?
___ Will there be an on-site wedding coordinator at the reception?
Food & Drink
___ What types of packages and themes are available?
___ What will be included in the menu for each price range?
___ What types of appetizers for the cocktail hour?
___ What is the price per guest for appetizers, drinks and dinner?
___ Will the guests be offered a choice of entrees?
___ Do they offer sit down service, buffet or stations?
___ What substitutes are available on the menu?
___ What about vegetarian and restricted diets?
___ Compare the cost of an open bar vs. cocktail service?
___ What type of liquor does the facility offer?
___ Are non-alcoholic beverages available?
___ Can you provide your own alcohol?
___ What is the corkage fee and is there a minimum?
___ What is the dessert table policy?
___ What is the wedding cake cutting fee?
___ How will the food be served? servers, buffet or at stations?
___ How will the waiters and waitresses be dressed?
___ How many waiters and waitresses will there be?
___ Are there discount prices for children and senior citizens?

Other Fees
___ Are there any extra rental fees or is everything included?
___ Are tables, chairs, linens and decorations included in the fee?
___ Are there overtime charges? When do they start and how much?
___ Are the tips and taxes included in the bill or separate?
___ (ask for tip recommendations)
___ Is there a minimum guarantee?
___ How should payment be made?
___ What is the deposit fee?
___ When is the balance due?
___ What is the cancellation/postponement refund policy?

___ Will you be given time to decorate the reception site the day of the wedding?
___ What colors are available and what condition is the room in?
___ Are the china and flatware in good condition?
___ Do you have a choice of patterns?
___ Will there be other receptions that day?
___ Will they put a strain on joint facilities?
___ How large is the dance floor?
___ Is there enough room for dancing and for the band or dj to set up?
___ Are there any restrictions on amplified music?
___ Are there any restrictions on Smoking?
___ What are the terms of liability insurance?
___ What is the sequence of events?
___ Will there be a guest book table and a place for an attendent?
___ Make seating arrangements.
___ Order favors and gifts for guests.
___ Get a final count to the catering manager.

2010 Wedding Trends to Look Out For

More DIY Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are one expense that any couple on a tight budget can forego. For 2010, favors are geared towards DIY wedding keepsakes as a expression of gratitude and creativity.

Birdcage Veils

A 1920’s inspired fashion trend that’s utterly glamorous. These vintage-look veils combine a jeweled clip or feathered headpiece with netting that only covers the face.

Backyard Wedding

Although setting your wedding at home isn’t necessarily cheaper, it certainly feels more personal and intimate.  A backyard event not only keeps your guest at ease, but also allows you to make  more casual and less expensive choices elsewhere.

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

I guess, 2010 is a year that’s an onset for more practical and bolder choices. Rather than shouldering the cost of the bridesmaid dresses, why not give your bridesmaids the color to work on.  They can just select any designer they desire as long as the dress is within the color theme. You can also forgo the one color dress motif and mix and match various colors.

Strapless Wedding Gown

Although this has  been around for some time now, a strapless dress is still here to stay for a few more years.

Bridal Shower Ideas

Mystical Bridal Shower
Hire a fortune teller or palm reader for a metaphysical shower experience. This is usually an actor who sets the stage for fun with off-the-wall predictions about the bride and guests.

High-Tech Shower
For the high tech couple, create a cyberspace-age atmosphere. Use blue light bulbs to mock the techno blue glow of computer monitors. Use floppy disks as coasters and give custom-made mouse pads personalized with a photo of the couple, their names and wedding date as party favors. forget paper invitations via snail mail; email invitations instead! Guests could give gift certificates for high-tech shopping.

Health and Fitness Shower
Is your bride a fitness fanatic? Reserve the rock-climbing wall at a local sport center or take this coed shower to a park or beach. Organize a golf, tennis, volleyball or racquetball tournament. Great for Coed showers too!

Stock the Bar Shower
Forget the pantry, how about stocking the bar. A great idea for couples who frequently host parties.

Wine Tasting Shower
Organize a wine tasting event in honor of the bride. This can be held at a winery or local cafe. Guest could bring wine and bar related gifts.

Stock the Garage
Brides need power tools too! Maybe the happy couple will be buying a fixer-upper or planning a house remodel? Is the bride or groom a car buff? How about car cleaning and maintenance supplies.

Bridal Shower Cruise
If you are lucky enough to live near water, a shower aboard a local cruise or tour vessel is a great setting for a fun event. Even better if the bride or groom is into boating.

Christmas Shower
This is perfect for winter weddings. Guest will bring a Christmas tree ornament or other Christmas related gifts.

Memories Shower
Each guest brings a memento to represent a special or funny experience shared with the bride. Another option for a coed shower is to play videos or display images of the bride and groom as children. Guest can share remembered childhood stories and events.

Garden Shower
Perfect for a June Bride into gardening (or hopes to be). Hold the event in a garden setting and have the guest bring gardening related gifts. A fun twist is for guest to come wearing a decorated sun shade hat. The best hat design wins a door prize!