Hawaii Wedding Shop

A true epitome of a bride’s one stop shop. From wedding attires to do-it-yourself centerpieces, Hawaii Wedding Shop has it all.


They have a large selection of elegant Hawaiian wedding dresses and holokus, beach wedding dresses, and matching Hawaiian wedding shirts for a very unique and special wedding day. They also manufacture the vast majority of the wedding dresses themselves, right here in Hawaii, so the designs are always fresh, innovative and contemporary while incorporating that romantic Hawaiiana.

One very satisfied client recommends Hawaii Wedding Shop at Project Wedding.

I love this vendor because it offers a fine assortment of sophisticated, yet inexpensive, bridesmaid’s dresses. We had a great time, and ended up getting her a nice white gown. Although the shop has a unique Hawaiian theme in all its gowns that I did not expect to find, I appreciated this serene characteristic in the end. I really think that many customers would also like its offerings of easygoing, stylish shirts and dresses for other occasions. Their offerings of candles and decorations were added niceties of shopping there. – BestRvwrEver from Project Wedding

Visit Hawaii Wedding Shop’s website at www.hawaiianweddingshop.com


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