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Tea Length Wedding Dresses

Have you been thinking about tea length wedding dresses? Many soon to be brides are these days. They’re becoming very popular for traditional and non-traditional wedding settings and are being seen at the most fashionable wedding venues. What exactly are tea length wedding dresses? They are usually (but not always) much less formal, below the knee dresses. They can be lace, silk, tulle, organza, cotton or taffeta and are found in all price ranges. One of the major advantages to wearing a tea length dress is the cost. Most designers now have them available, but they are usually cheaper than a full length wedding gown. You also have the option to think outside the box on where you purchase your gown. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You can find these wonderful dresses at destination weddings mountain weddings beach weddings second weddings garden weddings afternoon weddings and of course, on the bride who just looks fabulous in a tea length dress! There are many beautiful ways to go. You can still have a traditional flowing, white or ivory dress and there are many different designs available, from strapless to long-sleeve. The choices in designs has become plentiful. You won’t have a difficult time finding the right color, length, and embellishments. A tea length dress will also give you the perfect opportunity to show off those incredible shoes that took so long to pick out. Also, be sure to consider a shawl to keep off the sea breeze or evening air. Many brides are choosing to add some of the same great embellishments that are being seen on full length wedding dresses. –Color: Choose a completely colored dress, red, pink, blue and purple are all popular, or pick a wonderful embellishment like a contrasting sash or piping, or colored sequins. There are many different ways to add a little (or a lot) of color to your gown. –Print: Finding a wedding dress in print is much easier today. Destination weddings have been on the rise and many of the incredible locations are tropical. It isn’t uncommon to find a floral dress. A tea length, hand painted silk sarong is also a beautiful and unique choice. If color isn’t what you had in mind, you can find beautiful prints that are the same color as the dress. –Embroidery: Also a popular way to add color, embroidery can be very delicate and be just the perfect touch. You can go with a traditional gold or silver thread or liven it up with a pale or vibrant color. So, you choose whether you would like a free flowing beach wedding dress or a structured 50’s dress. Pick the style that is perfect for you and you will be on your way to enjoying your incredible wedding. Tea length wedding dresses are definitely the fashionable way to go!


Hawaii Wedding Shop

A true epitome of a bride’s one stop shop. From wedding attires to do-it-yourself centerpieces, Hawaii Wedding Shop has it all.


They have a large selection of elegant Hawaiian wedding dresses and holokus, beach wedding dresses, and matching Hawaiian wedding shirts for a very unique and special wedding day. They also manufacture the vast majority of the wedding dresses themselves, right here in Hawaii, so the designs are always fresh, innovative and contemporary while incorporating that romantic Hawaiiana.

One very satisfied client recommends Hawaii Wedding Shop at Project Wedding.

I love this vendor because it offers a fine assortment of sophisticated, yet inexpensive, bridesmaid’s dresses. We had a great time, and ended up getting her a nice white gown. Although the shop has a unique Hawaiian theme in all its gowns that I did not expect to find, I appreciated this serene characteristic in the end. I really think that many customers would also like its offerings of easygoing, stylish shirts and dresses for other occasions. Their offerings of candles and decorations were added niceties of shopping there. – BestRvwrEver from Project Wedding

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Top 5 Wedding Dresses I Adore

Beach Wedding Dress


Simple and rather the typical wedding dress most brides would opt for.  It’s made of light fabric and the train just dances romantically against the wind.

wedding dress


Now this dress is just a ball. It has this rather majestic touch to it.

wedding dress


I just adore the neckline on this one. This dress will particularly suit women who have all the right curves.

Wedding Dress


Though the dress shows lesser skin, it’s really very sexy and elegant.

wedding dress


I love the back of this one.  The lace makes the dress very delicate.

Which one is your personal favorite? I am actually torn between dress number 4 and 5.

Wedding Sarong

A sarong isn’t just the flowery cotton fringed fabric you are used to seeing at the beach. They have been worn in many cultures around the world for centuries. They are worn for special occasions as well as everyday. They are known by many names, but no matter what you call them, they are gorgeous.

Choosing to wear a wedding sarong to your beach wedding or garden wedding will be a unique and unexpected choice. There are so many different colors, ways to wear them and fabrics available that you have as many choices with a sarong as you do with a traditional wedding gown.

A sarong or pareo can be very informal or be made more formal with the right choices. If you would like a beautiful wedding sarong, choose a 100% silk, hand painted design. By choosing a silk design, you will have a unique and luxurious gown that will flow in the breeze and keep you cool in the heat.

Your wedding dress will be a true reflection of you and what you envision your wedding to be. A good designer can create a design to match you perfectly. You also have the option of creating designs for your entire bridal party, as well.

There are so many benefits, besides being beautiful, to a wedding sarong. They look wonderful on most body types. You can have the fabric cut as large or small as you desire. There are so many different ways to tie them, that you can have a form fitting or loose dress. They can easily be tied above the ankle to stay out of the sand and water.

You won’t need to worry about getting your dress to your destination wedding. Silk travels easily. You can fold your sarong to fit in your luggage and a light pressing will be all that it will need.

If you choose to wear a white gown, you can have it dyed or hand painted after the wedding to use later. This will truly be a gown that can be worn again. Your bridesmaids will love you!

If you are looking for an informal wedding dress, take a look at silk wedding sarongs. You will be surprised with how beautiful, elegant and luxurious they are.

A Quick History on Why Wedding Dresses are White

As a little girl… or even now… I am sure that you have laid about dreaming of marrying Prince Charming, looking gorgeous in your wedding dress. Of course, what color is the wedding dress every time you do this? I am guessing that more often than not it happens to be white and not red like some santa suits. Millions of women and little girls dream of getting married in a fairytale white wedding dress. But wait. Where did a white dress come from and why is it so popular?

Believe it or not white wasn’t always the traditional color for getting married in. Honestly, the tradition of a white wedding dress hasn’t even been around for ages and ages. A white wedding dress is something that every girl is instinctively born with today. You can’t get married in anything but white. Well, while this may be true for some and not so for others, white is worn to symbolize the virtue of the women and to just carry on the tradition.

Not surprisingly, the white wedding dress came from a place full of legends, and where tradition is important. So, low and behold, the white wedding dress was started in the English Monarchy. Queen Victoria was the first “celebrity” that was looked up too, who wore a white wedding gown. Because of her, the popularity of white dresses has become a true tradition among women around the world.

The marriage of Albert of Saxe and Queen Victoria in 1840, was not surprising. The gown she wore though caused quite a stir. It was considered flamboyant and did not start the  white wedding gown tradition instantly. Many of the upper class women though, saw this as a unique fashion statement and had no issues in copying the Queen by marrying in white dresses.

A white wedding dress though was worn to show wealth. Virtue was not in the meaning at all. If you could get married in a elegant white gown then you had to have money. White was not easy to clean, so a white wedding dress was something that you most definitely weren’t going to wear again. Spending money on a white gown was something that only the wealthy could do.

Only the wealthy and vain women insisted on being married in white. Most women still married in dresses of different colors and styles after Queen Victoria’s fashion statement. During the Edwardian times however, the white wedding dress gained popularity once more when Coco Chanel unleashed its brand new design….. a knee-length wedding gown, with a huge train in none other than white.

During the world wars though, most women couldn’t afford to wear white. Most just wore whatever they had when they were married. Only the rich kept wearing white wedding dresses. After the 1950’s though many Hollywood stars and royalty still wore white at their weddings. This sealed the deal and tradition of being married in white.

Picking Your Wedding Dress

1) FITTINGS:  Remember to not buy a dress too small in order to lose wait for your wedding,, this creates alot of stress …..gowns that have a long trail are not well suited for our door weddings and slips have to be pressed with the veils if the are very long so go ahead of if its going to be an out of state wedding affair.

2) SIZING: Most gowns run small and it is normal to need a couple of sizes larger than your normal clothes size, especially if you are chesty or broad shouldered. However, gowns are also made for women who are about 5’8″ tall.

4) ORDERING: If you get a chance to personally go to the store instead of ordering over the net , we defiantly discourage any brides to not order the dress on the net. Try to give yourself at least 6 months to order. Normal delivery of gowns (including maids, mother’s, and flower girl’s) is12-14 weeks. This will allow ample time for fittings, after you finished and have decided on your dress take a photo of the dress and add it your wedding website.

5) ALTERATIONS: Choose a bridal shop that has in house alterations. Gowns with lots of lace trimming are normally taken apart at the waist for the hem. Make sure you make an appointment to check the alterations since minor adjustments may have to be made afterwards.

6) BUSTLES: There are two main types of bustles. The Standard bustle works well with gowns that have a lot of detail on the train. Buttons are sewn around the waistline and loops are added to the train. When hooked up, some of the detail remains showing. The Peplum/Reversal bustle works well with A-line gowns and ones without much train detail as with many silk dresses. Loops and ribbons are sewn underneath the gown and tied together for a peplum effect.