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A Hawaii Luau Reception – Anywhere!

The Hawaiian word LUAU (pronounce loo-ow) means- a feast. For the people who live in the Hawaiian Islands a luau is a gathering of family and friends to enjoy good food, good company, and good times! Because the atmosphere at a luau is Hang Loose and less stuffy than a traditional formal wedding reception guests and the wedding couple tend to be more relaxed right from the start, which allows everyone to enjoy themselves and the reception more fully. With creative decorating any backyard or banquet hall can be turned into a virtual Hawaii destination!

Encourage guests to wear aloha attire to get in the Aloha spirit and contribute to the Hawaiian atmosphere. The most cost effective way to add touches of Hawaii is to decorate with fresh loose orchid blooms. It is amazing what a change in atmosphere adding a few fresh orchids here and there can do! They can be used to add tropical touches to your wedding cake, food plates, bar drinks, table tops, grassy areas, and float in water features. You can encourage guests to pick up a loose orchid and put it in their button hole or behind their ear. In Hawaii wearing a flower behind an ear has a specific meaning…behind the left ear means taken, behind the right ear means available.

How much Hawaiiana you want to add is up you your personal preference and budget. Some additional creative ways to add touches of Hawaii to your wedding reception are:

Have children dressed in hula outfits to greet guests with silk or shell leis.

Have a live Hawaiian band with hula dancers perform.

Have a professional hula dancer give a basic hula lesson.

Encourage guests to get up and dance by award the first 6 people on the dance floor a fresh lei.

Have a Hawaiian photo scene set up for guests to take a keepsake photo then sign your guest book.

Have stations with Hawaiian theme games for guests to enjoy to get them to mingle and have fun.

Translate your guests names into Hawaiian and put it on their place cards.
Have cards on each table with Hawaiian words and their English meanings or fun Hawaii related facts to entertain your guests and teach them a little about Hawaii.

Use whole fresh pineapples and loose orchids to create table centerpieces.
If your budget is tight don’t be afraid to improvise like play Hawaiian music CDs instead of having a live band. Or get a Learn to Hula DVD and have one of your wedding party learn to do a hula dance that she can do at the reception as well as teach the


Exotic Hawaii Wedding

A Hawaii wedding is always a special treat for the couples and while you are planning for the wedding think of some really nice spots where you can plan your wedding. The most favorite spots for the wedding are the weddings at the beach or during the evening when the sun is setting creating a romantic ambiance for the couples. In time sit down and plan out that what you are going to do on that big occasion.

After sitting for some time in a serene atmosphere, think of what you see – do you see yourself in front of the waterfall or in the company of verdant plants and flowers? When you are sure what you wish to do exactly, then consider the locations and choose the best out of these.

If you want some drama in your wedding then there is no better place then Volcano National Park which has all the crazy things which you have ever dreamy of. It has everything from the black cooled lava flows to lava tubes and the park is filled with lively sightseeing. There are some things which you can add to the basket of the adventure.

For those of you who are seeking for a calm and peaceful environment, think about Iao valley State Park. This park is covered with beautiful jungle and water also runs down through the valley. It has a luxuriant plants and is blessed with the company of birds. So, this place is an ideal way where you can plan your big day.

An ideal way to do the wedding is by doing it in the Hawaiian style. Here the bride will arrive by canoe and the groom escorts her and takes her to a flower valley.

2010 Wedding Trends to Look Out For

More DIY Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are one expense that any couple on a tight budget can forego. For 2010, favors are geared towards DIY wedding keepsakes as a expression of gratitude and creativity.

Birdcage Veils

A 1920’s inspired fashion trend that’s utterly glamorous. These vintage-look veils combine a jeweled clip or feathered headpiece with netting that only covers the face.

Backyard Wedding

Although setting your wedding at home isn’t necessarily cheaper, it certainly feels more personal and intimate.  A backyard event not only keeps your guest at ease, but also allows you to make  more casual and less expensive choices elsewhere.

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

I guess, 2010 is a year that’s an onset for more practical and bolder choices. Rather than shouldering the cost of the bridesmaid dresses, why not give your bridesmaids the color to work on.  They can just select any designer they desire as long as the dress is within the color theme. You can also forgo the one color dress motif and mix and match various colors.

Strapless Wedding Gown

Although this has  been around for some time now, a strapless dress is still here to stay for a few more years.

New Beach and Park Wedding Regulations

  1. All beach and public weddings require a permit.
  2. Alcohol is not permitted at any public beach or park anywhere within the state of Hawaii. It is illegal and is enforced. You can face fines and/or jail time. Do not bring any alcohol to the beach.
  3. Glass is not permitted at any public beach or park anywhere within the state of Hawaii. It is illegal and is enforced.
  4. Fire or open flames of any kind (lighted tiki torches) are not permitted at any public beach or park. It is illegal and enforced. You can face up to a $1,000 fine and/or jail time. Sorry – but you can’t do “unity tiki torches” on the beach.
  5. Any beach or park wedding with “bulky items” (chairs, archway, table, etc) is required to have a permit. Permits must be obtained by the couple getting married. As a general rule, you must apply for your permit no less than two weeks prior to the event.
  6. Regardless of the purpose of the event, any gathering of 25 persons or more on a beach or a park is considered a “commercial” event. All weddings regardless of size are required to have a permit.
  7. Items that puncture or in any way damage the ground or area are not permitted at public beaches and parks.
  8. All beach and park use is on a “first come, first serve” basis. You are not permitted to ask people to move or leave so that you can have your wedding in a given area.

Ideas for Wedding on the Beach

Wherever you decide to hold your Island wedding you’ll want to come up with a unique and individual theme for your wedding that says something about who you are as a couple.

When deciding upon a theme, keep these theme ideas in mind for a Caribbean accent to add to your wedding:


With turquoise blue waters all around the islands of the Caribbean what could be more fitting than having an ocean theme to your wedding. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Add swags of turquoise tulle to your head table
  • Decorate your bridal arch in ocean coloured ribbons
  • Offer guests ocean inspired favours wrapped up in blue tulle
  • Decorate tables with glass bowls with sea water arrangements inside them
  • Use fish inspired logos for invitations, save a date cards and thank you notes
  • Consider a nautical touch with the use of ropes to make candle arrangements for table centrepieces


The tropical foliage of the Caribbean can provide a lush and colourful backdrop to your wedding.

  • Use Bougainvillea to decorate arches, and the head table
  • Buy tropical flowers by the stem from local florists to make your own table arrangements based in vases weighted with sand
  • Incorporate palms into your wedding decor
  • Consider having a tiki hut erected as an outside bar
  • Offer tropical drinks after your ceremony
  • Offer tropical fruits in your desert cart
  • Serve a tropical fruit Caribbean wedding cake
  • Incorporate seafood items typical in The Caribbean to your menu ie. Conch salad, grouper, lobster


The Beach can provide a great theme to your wedding and a million ideas for décor:

  • Have a conch shell aisle in the sand
  • Use tiki lights to light pathways in evening receptions
  • Incorporate the beach into invitations using shells, message in a bottle, or scrolled invites – see “Favours” feature
  • Have an ice sculpture on your buffet table to house shrimp or salad in the shape of a shell or a dolphin


The tropical animal kingdom can provide an eco sensitive slant to your wedding, consider the following:

  • Use animal logo’s on all wedding stationary: parrots, iguanas, dolphins
  • Use local natural landmarks as a focal point of your wedding ie. Volcano sites in Montserrat, jungle, or beach


Soca, Calypso, Reggae, Steel Drum Bands are all music styles that are intrinsically tied to the Caribbean…why not incorporate music from your locale into your wedding.

Wedding Speech

Your palms are sweaty. You can hear your heart beat in stereo. Your voice is shaking while you speak (or so you think) , and you’ve broken out in a cold sweat. No you’re not talking to the man or woman of your dreams for the first time, its public speaking. Public speaking makes most people very nervous, so when asked to be the maid of honor or best man, he or she may panic. But never fear help is here. Tell them not to panic, they will be able to deliver a great speech, because they are about to discover the secret to great public speaking. The secret is caring about your subject. If you truly care about the subject you are talking about, then you can keep the interest of your audience because they will be captured by your passion for the topic. That is why writing a speech for a special event like a wedding is very easy for those close to the bride and groom.

Here are some tips to writing a speech that will have guests mesmerized. And no, you’re not going to reveal all the bride and grooms embarrassing moments. Ok, maybe one or two, but don’t go crazy.

First, here are some tips to get you started:

1. Take time to think about what you want to say. Think about what you want people to know about your friend and his new wife and what you wish for their future.

2. Sit down and write it out. ( You don’t have to carry it with you to the wedding, but writing it down will help you remember what you want to say)

3. Let your guard down. Don’t be afraid to let your emotions show. This is one of your good friends, if not your best friend, its ok to cry.

4. Put a little bit of your personality into the speech. Let your word reflect who you are and how you feel that day!

5. Practice your speech in front of people that you feel comfortable with and ask them for their honest opinion.

6. Keep it short! Your speech should be between 5 and 10 minutes.

The first step to writing a good speech for a special event or anything is to know your subject. You already have this down because you are probably close with either the bride or groom. Start your speech with one of your favorite memories of the time spent together. This memory can be sentimental or funny, but nothing too embarrassing. Remember only share information appropriate for all ages. The next step of your speech is to reflect on the history of the happy couple. Recount a short story of how they met and how the relationship has affected the both of them positively.

And finally, since we want to keep the speech short, let everyone know how you feel about the happy couple and wish them success in their marriage. You could let the happy couple know that you hope that they have success in their marriage and that no matter what happens between them, they can work it out. Another idea is that you could call upon all guest to work as a community to keep the happy couple together, because sometimes outside forces have a great impact on marriages. The last thing that you do is raise your glass and salute the bride and groom. You’re done, and it’s over! Take a deep breath and have that glass of champagne.

Why Wedding in Hawaii is Perfect?

Hawaii is the top honeymoon destination in the world and it is also becoming one of the top places to hold the wedding ceremony itself.  Last year, nearly twice as many marriage licenses were issued to mainland couples as were issued to Hawaii residents.

What is the special charm of Hawaii that keeps drawing couples there? Maybe it’s the miles and miles of expansive beaches, breathtaking vistas and ancient lava rock mountains? Maybe the romance or the rainbows?

Known as the Rainbow State, this magical phenomenon occurs daily in Hawaii. Beautiful rainbows arch over the crest of mountains or create bridges between land and sea. What a lovely backdrop for your wedding day, if you’re lucky to capture one.

Hawaii’s oldest traditions mix with the constant influx or other cultures to create an ideal atmosphere. It is a place where you can plan an elegant or traditional ceremony in your place of worship and follow with a modern outdoor reception in the Hawaiian tradition.

If you are planning to marry in Hawaii you will need to secure a marriage license. This must be done in person when you arrive in Hawaii. The good news is that there is no waiting period and no blood test is required.

From the peak of Haleakala, the massive dormant volcano that dominates Maui, an ancient Hawaiian deity is said to have captured the sun thus slowing its journey across the sky. Rich in lore and local color, Maui is one of the most sought after destinations for weddings. The beautiful beaches and coves will lend themselves to making your wedding day memorable.

The island of Kauai is also a favorite wedding day location.  Lumahai Beach – North Shore is a beautiful spot. Just a five-minute hike down from the freeway, it is one of the most famous beaches in Hawaii and many scenes from the movie South Pacific were filmed there.

Wedding Planning in Hawaii is best done through a local wedding planner.  Whether your location is expansive or intimate, a planner will help you find your perfect spot.