Picking Reception Site Checklist

Wedding Reception Checklist

___ Is your wedding date available? Reserve the Site
___ Sign an agreement and leave a deposit.
___ Decide on theme, style and colors.
___ Is the church and ceremony site close together?
___ How many guests are you going to invite?
___ How many guests will the space accommodate?
___ Do you have plans for families with children?
___ Are there adequate restrooms for guests?
___ Are facilities available for handicapped guests?
___ Is there a room to change?
___ Are there coat check accommodations?
___ How about a secure place to put purses or other valuables?
___ Will there be a table be available for gifts?
___ What type and number of security personnel?
___ What other facilities/accommodations special features?
___ Does the site have a time limit or curfew?
___ If you want a tent, is there one available that the site regularly uses?
___ If not, how far in advance can you set one up and are there.
___ Are there restrictions on who can do the set-up?
___ What kind of parking facilities are there?
___ What about valet parking?
___ What other options are available?
___ Will the catering manager/executive chef help plan the menu?
___ Will the caterer help you organize the event?
___ Will a banquet manager be at the event?
___ Who organizes the events during the reception.
___ Can someone help with the decorations in the room?
___ What kind of help does the facility offer?
___ Are kitchen facilities adequate for an off-site caterer?
___ Will the caterer have to bring a portable kitchen?
___ Will there be an on-site wedding coordinator at the reception?
Food & Drink
___ What types of packages and themes are available?
___ What will be included in the menu for each price range?
___ What types of appetizers for the cocktail hour?
___ What is the price per guest for appetizers, drinks and dinner?
___ Will the guests be offered a choice of entrees?
___ Do they offer sit down service, buffet or stations?
___ What substitutes are available on the menu?
___ What about vegetarian and restricted diets?
___ Compare the cost of an open bar vs. cocktail service?
___ What type of liquor does the facility offer?
___ Are non-alcoholic beverages available?
___ Can you provide your own alcohol?
___ What is the corkage fee and is there a minimum?
___ What is the dessert table policy?
___ What is the wedding cake cutting fee?
___ How will the food be served? servers, buffet or at stations?
___ How will the waiters and waitresses be dressed?
___ How many waiters and waitresses will there be?
___ Are there discount prices for children and senior citizens?

Other Fees
___ Are there any extra rental fees or is everything included?
___ Are tables, chairs, linens and decorations included in the fee?
___ Are there overtime charges? When do they start and how much?
___ Are the tips and taxes included in the bill or separate?
___ (ask for tip recommendations)
___ Is there a minimum guarantee?
___ How should payment be made?
___ What is the deposit fee?
___ When is the balance due?
___ What is the cancellation/postponement refund policy?

___ Will you be given time to decorate the reception site the day of the wedding?
___ What colors are available and what condition is the room in?
___ Are the china and flatware in good condition?
___ Do you have a choice of patterns?
___ Will there be other receptions that day?
___ Will they put a strain on joint facilities?
___ How large is the dance floor?
___ Is there enough room for dancing and for the band or dj to set up?
___ Are there any restrictions on amplified music?
___ Are there any restrictions on Smoking?
___ What are the terms of liability insurance?
___ What is the sequence of events?
___ Will there be a guest book table and a place for an attendent?
___ Make seating arrangements.
___ Order favors and gifts for guests.
___ Get a final count to the catering manager.

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