Top 5 Wedding Dresses I Adore

Beach Wedding Dress


Simple and rather the typical wedding dress most brides would opt for.  It’s made of light fabric and the train just dances romantically against the wind.

wedding dress


Now this dress is just a ball. It has this rather majestic touch to it.

wedding dress


I just adore the neckline on this one. This dress will particularly suit women who have all the right curves.

Wedding Dress


Though the dress shows lesser skin, it’s really very sexy and elegant.

wedding dress


I love the back of this one.  The lace makes the dress very delicate.

Which one is your personal favorite? I am actually torn between dress number 4 and 5.


3 responses to “Top 5 Wedding Dresses I Adore

  1. i adore this all and i like have the third one to wear on my wedding

  2. Yes, all of these dresses are very pretty.. 😀

  3. Where is the 5th dress from? I can’t find it online, but adore it as well!

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