Wedding Sarong

A sarong isn’t just the flowery cotton fringed fabric you are used to seeing at the beach. They have been worn in many cultures around the world for centuries. They are worn for special occasions as well as everyday. They are known by many names, but no matter what you call them, they are gorgeous.

Choosing to wear a wedding sarong to your beach wedding or garden wedding will be a unique and unexpected choice. There are so many different colors, ways to wear them and fabrics available that you have as many choices with a sarong as you do with a traditional wedding gown.

A sarong or pareo can be very informal or be made more formal with the right choices. If you would like a beautiful wedding sarong, choose a 100% silk, hand painted design. By choosing a silk design, you will have a unique and luxurious gown that will flow in the breeze and keep you cool in the heat.

Your wedding dress will be a true reflection of you and what you envision your wedding to be. A good designer can create a design to match you perfectly. You also have the option of creating designs for your entire bridal party, as well.

There are so many benefits, besides being beautiful, to a wedding sarong. They look wonderful on most body types. You can have the fabric cut as large or small as you desire. There are so many different ways to tie them, that you can have a form fitting or loose dress. They can easily be tied above the ankle to stay out of the sand and water.

You won’t need to worry about getting your dress to your destination wedding. Silk travels easily. You can fold your sarong to fit in your luggage and a light pressing will be all that it will need.

If you choose to wear a white gown, you can have it dyed or hand painted after the wedding to use later. This will truly be a gown that can be worn again. Your bridesmaids will love you!

If you are looking for an informal wedding dress, take a look at silk wedding sarongs. You will be surprised with how beautiful, elegant and luxurious they are.


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