Why Wedding in Hawaii is Perfect?

Hawaii is the top honeymoon destination in the world and it is also becoming one of the top places to hold the wedding ceremony itself.  Last year, nearly twice as many marriage licenses were issued to mainland couples as were issued to Hawaii residents.

What is the special charm of Hawaii that keeps drawing couples there? Maybe it’s the miles and miles of expansive beaches, breathtaking vistas and ancient lava rock mountains? Maybe the romance or the rainbows?

Known as the Rainbow State, this magical phenomenon occurs daily in Hawaii. Beautiful rainbows arch over the crest of mountains or create bridges between land and sea. What a lovely backdrop for your wedding day, if you’re lucky to capture one.

Hawaii’s oldest traditions mix with the constant influx or other cultures to create an ideal atmosphere. It is a place where you can plan an elegant or traditional ceremony in your place of worship and follow with a modern outdoor reception in the Hawaiian tradition.

If you are planning to marry in Hawaii you will need to secure a marriage license. This must be done in person when you arrive in Hawaii. The good news is that there is no waiting period and no blood test is required.

From the peak of Haleakala, the massive dormant volcano that dominates Maui, an ancient Hawaiian deity is said to have captured the sun thus slowing its journey across the sky. Rich in lore and local color, Maui is one of the most sought after destinations for weddings. The beautiful beaches and coves will lend themselves to making your wedding day memorable.

The island of Kauai is also a favorite wedding day location.  Lumahai Beach – North Shore is a beautiful spot. Just a five-minute hike down from the freeway, it is one of the most famous beaches in Hawaii and many scenes from the movie South Pacific were filmed there.

Wedding Planning in Hawaii is best done through a local wedding planner.  Whether your location is expansive or intimate, a planner will help you find your perfect spot.


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