7 Tips in Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

1. Keep Invitations Light. The more people you invite, the large & larger the bill gets. Try to keep the wedding invitation list limited to closest friends and relatives and NOT everyone you’ve ever met.

2. Invitation Saving. Hand write the invitations yourself or get them printed instead of engraved.

3. Close the Open Bar. Buy (in bulk) beer, champagne, wine, and nonalcoholic beverages and serve them yourself. (This is a big help when creating a cheap wedding reception)

4. Wholesale Wedding Accessories. If you need accessories for the reception, go through a wholesale dealer, not a wedding supply store — you’ll save a ton.

5. Dress Savings. Don’t buy a new designer dress that costs thousands of dollars, period!

6. Dress Finding. Ask you’re mother, grandmother, or other female relatives if you could wear their wedding gown for your big important day. If the dress doesn’t match or fit you, it’s okay — as that is what good seamstresses are for.

7. Decorated Locations. Consider a location that already has decorations in place OR requires fewer decorations — places like botanical gardens, beaches, churches (during the holidays), or even a park.

If you can’t manage to create a cheap wedding reception with these 7 simple money saving tips, then you have little to no hope of creating a dream wedding on a budget.


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