Picking Your Wedding Dress

1) FITTINGS:  Remember to not buy a dress too small in order to lose wait for your wedding,, this creates alot of stress …..gowns that have a long trail are not well suited for our door weddings and slips have to be pressed with the veils if the are very long so go ahead of if its going to be an out of state wedding affair.

2) SIZING: Most gowns run small and it is normal to need a couple of sizes larger than your normal clothes size, especially if you are chesty or broad shouldered. However, gowns are also made for women who are about 5’8″ tall.

4) ORDERING: If you get a chance to personally go to the store instead of ordering over the net , we defiantly discourage any brides to not order the dress on the net. Try to give yourself at least 6 months to order. Normal delivery of gowns (including maids, mother’s, and flower girl’s) is12-14 weeks. This will allow ample time for fittings, after you finished and have decided on your dress take a photo of the dress and add it your wedding website.

5) ALTERATIONS: Choose a bridal shop that has in house alterations. Gowns with lots of lace trimming are normally taken apart at the waist for the hem. Make sure you make an appointment to check the alterations since minor adjustments may have to be made afterwards.

6) BUSTLES: There are two main types of bustles. The Standard bustle works well with gowns that have a lot of detail on the train. Buttons are sewn around the waistline and loops are added to the train. When hooked up, some of the detail remains showing. The Peplum/Reversal bustle works well with A-line gowns and ones without much train detail as with many silk dresses. Loops and ribbons are sewn underneath the gown and tied together for a peplum effect.


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