Checklist for Planning a Hawaii Wedding

Planning a Hawaii wedding is challenging but not impossible if you simply have a list of what must be done. First of all, there are a lot of people who choose to get married in Hawaii and make all of their plans stateside before heading over for the big event and the wedding turns out marvelously. That’s because three are a lot of wedding planners and hotels that are accustomed to planning weddings for brides and grooms that will simply pay the deposit, give out directions, and show up for the big event. However, the following tips will help you plan your Hawaii wedding.

First and foremost you need to decide on a date. If there is a particular hotel or place in Hawaii where you want to get married make sure it is available on your date and book it before setting a date. Once you have the location booked then you are free to go about your wedding planning. This includes your wedding invitations and the like. You will most likely be in charge of your own wedding invitations unless you just want your wedding planner to take care of everything and all you do is send the addresses. Regardless, you want to get your invitations out early for a Hawaii wedding so everyone can make plans to attend in advance.

Once you have your location and invitations taken care of you need to pick a reception location. If you aren’t able to visit Hawaii to pick one out in person then have your wedding planner send you pictures and details of several different wedding reception locations. Some may be indoor others outdoors, just depending on what you want and then you can choose the one you want. With the invitations, location, and reception taken care of you just need to consider flowers, the wedding cake, and an officiate. The easiest way to go about this is to send pictures and the like to your wedding planner and let them handle the details.

For example, if you found pictures from a wedding that you love send them to your wedding planner and say that you want something in the same style. The same goes for the wedding cake. Pictures and personal preferences will go a long way into getting you just what you want.

Finally, you want to think about your wedding favors. If you are getting married on the beach then you might want the wedding party favors to be something that reflects that or else something else special you have in mind. Nevertheless, you can see that getting married in Hawaii is really not that difficult with the help of a wedding planner and a lot of good ideas!


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