MarryMeHawaii – Now Accepting Links

With frustration as his prime motivator, Gelston Dwight, a wedding photographer based in Hawaii, has finally launched his own online wedding directory, Marry Me Hawaii, which lists wedding professionals from Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Big Island.

Unlike the usual online directories, Gelston has integrated a bidding system in MarryMeHawaii which makes it more dynamic and exciting for the advertising vendors.

“I like it when things make sense. Most of the online advertising options that I found while trying to promote my photography business were based on “old school” print advertising concepts”, Gelston said.

Gelston primarily draw inspiration from Google Adwords’ dynamic advertising mechanism. However instead of advertisers bidding on the keywords, MarryMeHawaii vendors bid on which specific category they would want to list their business. From there, they can opt to increase their annual bid price from 50 USD to a much higher amount in order to push their listing up and ultimately trump competition.

“The market dictated what prices businesses were willing to pay, which created a fair pricing system. I wanted to bring this approach to an online directory where businesses can decide what a listing is really worth and they could compete for the top spot if they wanted to. I made the base price to be so affordable that any business regardless of size or location could afford to be listed”, Gelston added.

MarryMeHawaii is a promising online directory that not only collates contacts but also provides an interactive community for Hawaii-based wedding professionals and clients to gather.

For more information, visit


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