DIY Wedding Give-Aways

There are many types of wedding favors you can easily purchase for your guests. But some couples prefer preparing for their own wedding favors for a more personalized touch as it also signifies gratitude to their guests for attending one of the biggest events of their life. I have compiled some DIY wedding favor ideas you can use if you are on a tight budget!

  1. Bake cookies and personalise your message on your cookie. You can even make it a fortune cookie (with words of wisdom or a set of numbers for the lottery fanatic)
  2. Buy sweets or candy in bigger lots and repackage them into smaller sachets or boxes. You can customise your box with your own message by using sticker labels.
  3. Get bags of potpourri and make smaller scented bags out of them. You can get ready made sachets or buy nice fabric to make your own. Tie the sachets up with lovely ribbons or lace.
  4. Make creative coasters by cutting fancy shapes out of corkboard or buying die-cut ones and customising them with your own message stickers.
  5. For an oriental twist, you can buy wholesale lots of wooden chopsticks (real ones, not disposable ones!) and repackage them nicely in pairs. These are quite practical and it symbolises well for the wedding as chopsticks always comes in pairs, just like every couple!
  6. For summer weddings, hand-held fans are a pretty favor to give. You can personalise them with your own message and the guests can take them home after the event.
  7. Gardening lovers will like the idea of receiving little sachets of seeds that they can try growing. I think my mum will be one of them. Haha.
  8. If you have a Polaroid camera, you can take instant pictures with your guests on the actual day, punch a hole immediately and tie a ribbon on top to make a really unique bookmark!
  9. Personalised fridge magnets are also a practical favor idea. You can print them yourself or get a professional printer to do it for you. You can choose lovely scenic pictures or cute pet images or even your own wedding portrait and put your own message on it.

These DIY wedding favor ideas could probably save you a bit of money. But if you are a really lazy bride, or you absolutely have no time to DIY your own wedding favour, its best to leave it to the professionals. A wedding favor does not need to be really expensive, it’s most often the thought that counts. In my opinion, the best favor is something that will leave your guests sweet memories of the wedding and is practical enough to be used even after the wedding itself. What do you think?


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